Monday, July 7, 2014

Countdown...Can You Feel It???

I am convinced that quilters around the world can feel the rumble of quilters journeying to Sisters for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  It is our collective excitement and heart that can be felt everywhere.  I didn't realize how many quilters there were in the world until I joined the millennium quilt square exchange in 2000.  Our challenge was to make a quilt with 2,000 different fabric.  It was an International Internet exchange of 2.5 inch squares.  It was through this group that I discovered a quilter in Kuwait...Russia...Europe...South America...amazing.  And, the truly astounding fact was out of 2,000 2.5 inch squares there were only 5 duplicates that had to be replaced!  So, do you understand how a quilter on the other side of the world might just "feel" the quilt show here in Sisters!

I am really excited about the 2 classes I have signed up for during the Quilter's Affair which is the week long classes prior to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  First, Jackie's class which are crazy log cabin blocks...and get this, I don't even have to bring fabric...IT'S PROVIDED!!!  Second class is with Laura who does the colorful whimsical quilts.  A couple of Fabric Stalkers took her class last year and loved it!  I am sharing all of this with you as a little push if you haven't taken a class or been to the quilt year is the 40th Anniversary and I just know that it will be a PARTEEEEEY!  Just Sayin'

The Countdown for the Give Away is here...seeing who the dog dish coughs up on Wednesday!  Leave a comment on the Give Away post that you are interested, be sure you are a registered follower by clicking the button "Join this site" and if you are a "no reply" on your comment you must check back yourself and email me your contact info!  

Hope you have a great week!