Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Miracle!!!!

Yes, there has been a miracle in the sewing room!  I am not sure what caused it...but, for the first time ever!!!!  As in EVER!  I finished a quilt class project in the same month I took the class!  Sure I still have to quilt it but...the top is done!

I think it might have something to do with seeing all the quilt tops that the Twisted Sisters finished during their stay across the creek.  What ever the reason I feel powerful! LOL  

I highly recommend Log Jammin' with Jackie during the Quilter's Affair.  It is a class which releases the inner OCD quilter in us all. You are given 2 bags of irregularly cut strips of fabric.  She has bundled them with complementary colors and prints...mine were solids.  But,  there was bags of get the idea.  And then, you just start stitching...a totally relaxing class, filled with conversation and laughter because you didn't have to concentrate on matching points.

I have a electrical panel in Portland that is in the middle of the wall and I am going to hang this quilt over the top of it.  As soon as I laid my blocks out I realized they reminded me of  the traditional Korean dress fabric with the bright colors and, I have my own childhood Korean dress framed in the same hallway.  So these log homes with their red centers represent my family which are scattered all over the world.