Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Quilting Nun! I mean None!

In the spirit of Dr. Seuss,  this past weekend I became a quilting nun...which meant...
I actually left on a trip...

A trip without needles
A trip without thread

A trip somewhat feeble
and  feeling of dread!

How would I make it without 
needle & thread???

Guess what, I survived.  And to top it off we were about 45 minutes down the road and I realized I had forgotten my Ipad!!!  Holy brain fart batman!!!  And, yes  the world did not come to an end, lol.

This week I am trying to catch my breath...re-evaluating what I want to do this week.  I am going to give my brain a "spa week."  Shake out the cobwebs, lol.

I met for the first time my cousin Kristina's baby, Lily...adorable and has one of those peaceful personalities.

I loved this quilt I made and it will be the perfect quilt for her to crawl around on!

Here are the men in my life!  This would have been a perfect picture if my oldest grandson was in the photo!!!  The great thing is that now with everyone living in one state the chance for a complete family photo just went up!  

Grandpa "G" and the little guy calling it a day!

Does you brain ever need a "spa day?"