Monday, June 2, 2014

June??? Give Away 24 hours left!!!

It is so unbelievable that we have already taken a step into June!!!  I know I sound like a broken record each month...but, is this happening???  Time seems to be flying by...yet, my UFO pile still seems to be the same!  To help in my challenge to keep stitching I spent the day with the Linda's.  2 Linda's came over to the house to stitch...with my aging brain I didn't have to remember different name, LOL.  I totally crack myself up!

Linda #1 is the stitchery instructor at Sew Many Quilts.  She is an excellent stitcher and always is willing to help you out with ideas on patterns or products.  Linda #2 is an excellent stitcher also and is involved in many stitchery groups in the area and had a featured slideshow of her sewing room on the Woolie blog.  I was so surprised as was Linda #1 when Linda #2 brought us these handmade bowl buddies to use with soup bowls in the microwave!  I have always wanted one just didn't want to make it :)

Linda #1's stitchery project

Linda #2's stitchery project

and here is what I was working on....

While having the 2 Linda's stitching away in the command center the conversation turned to UFO's and the desire to start new I started pulling stuff out and found this project.  Why oh Why isn't it finished???!!!  Because once I did the fun stitchery part I lost steam!  Funny how our brains work.

Don't forget the 
Give Away!!!  
Last 24 hours till we see who get to make me a quilt from the book! LOL

PS. Wonder if I could get Robin to change her name to Linda???  it would be so much easier, lol.