Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Wrap Up

Everyone is back home...including Enzo!  Seldom do we leave him behind but this trip we had to because the hotel in Cannon Beach doesn't allow dogs...SACRE BLU!  He spent the last week at Camp Mel's where he has 5 acres and 3 other dogs to play with including Robin's dog Brim.  But after a week of play this is what he looks like for at least 3 days.  Having all that fun is hard work! 

I forgot to share this photo with you from Portland.  Hard to see...but HH and I were sitting in a restaurant and across the street was a guy sitting in the window with his dog on his lap...both looked pretty comfortable!

The book of the week...The Language of Flowers.  I have to say this book was compelling, interesting, heart breaking, beautiful and redeeming  on so many levels.  It is an older one and made the book club rounds a couple of years ago...I'm a little behind :) so if you haven't read it is worth it. 

The movie of the week, Redwood Highway.  An indie film and, I liked it.  It wasn't fast moving, no special effects...but, really pulls out those emotions and fears we have about aging...what we want to do with our history and what we want to do with our future. Definitely worth seeing, especially if you are over 50, lol.  The theater was full but I bet there was no one under 55 in the room.

I have been doing some stitching but nothing much to share...but, today...I am spending the entire day in my sewing room!!!  So, when we meet back here on Monday I will have some quilting to share!