Monday, June 9, 2014

Emotions with a Capital "E"

What a whirlwind 4 days weekend. It was an emotional weekend.  HH, DS#1 and GS#2 and myself drove 10 hours down to Napa for my nephew's wedding.   Where we met up with DS #2 and his wife.  The last of "the boys" was getting married.  It was wonderful to see most of the family gather for this event.  My little grandson was an amazing traveler...10 hours down, 10 hours back without a hitch.  He really is a trooper.  

Here is Mr. & Mrs. Smith
with the wedding quilt.

The 4 cousins...the 2 on the left are mine...and the 2 on the right are my sisters.

...and here is the latest in a ongoing photo series of the cousins...the girls do this at every wedding...And, the one thing that hasn't, I am still the oldest cousin with almost 30 years difference between the oldest and the youngest :) ...and as you can see we are being photo bombed by second cousins and who is that crazy guy in the back, lol...someones S.O.

It was more sweet than bitter but, I really missed my mom this wedding.  Her birthday was yesterday and this Sept she will have departed 3 years ago!  Man is time really flying.

We came home to the first wild fire of the season.  It is a biggy and hopefully our brave firefighters will get a handle on it.  The wind is blowing in a southerly direction so that on our way home we had smoke as far south as Mt. Shasta.  Yet, it is blue sky and the mountains are singing in Sisters.

Glad to be home!