Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Celebrate with me, Come ON!!!

Every so often a week happens that is a total celebration...a quilt celebration!!!  I got all the pillow cases done and the first batch was sent to the birthday boy yesterday!!!  And his birthday isn't even till the end of the week!  I admit it...my name is Anna and I horde novelty fabrics.  When I realized that it was pillow case making week my usual plan is to go down to the local quilt store and purchase novelty fabrics...because god forbid I should actually use my STASH!!!  Not this time baby!  I opened the closet and was able to find all these wonderful novelty fabrics just waiting to be used.  And, my novelty stash still was the same size...go figure.  Are you fearful of using your stash????  

Celebration #2....my Primitive Gathering 2011 Summer BOW is done!!!  Although I made all 12 blocks I actually physically moved since I had started this project and the full 12 block size would not fit on any wall in the new house so I had to cut it down to 9 blocks.  All my border  hand stitching is DONE!!!  I feel like a finished a quilting marathon!!!  Isn't it beautiful?!  Now off to the quilter by check book it goes.  How is everyone doing on their UFO's...I still have one hanging out from the 90's but someday...over the rainbow...when skies are blue...I will finish my UFO's and then buy a new one tooooo!