Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Woolie World

It is a true fact that the Woolie World is somewhat wacky but what can I say...that is how I roll.  Although I have stepped back into life in Sisters I can't quite give up my memories of the last week and so I share one more photo from Portland.  Little Wyatt in Directors Park.  Such a wonderful spot in the middle of downtown where lots of people come to eat their lunch and play in the fountain.  

On to quilting...a product review...I was in a panic because I had run out of Transfer Eze and wanted to use it for a ring bearers pillow I am making.  Tranfer Eze is a product where by you run a sheet through you printer and it will print the pattern onto it...then you peel and stick it to your fabric.  No long hours of tracing...just print, peel and stick and you are ready to embroider.  Then when you are done you rinse in cold water and the paper disappears and all that is left is your beautiful stitching.

Since Fabric Depot didn't carry Transfer Eze I decided to try a new product.  The same steps are required.  Put the sheet in your printer and print your pattern onto it, peel and stick...start stitching...except you practically needed a hammer to stitch!!!  I don't know if I got a bad batch or if this product is hard to needle through but sometimes I had to push the needle through with a thimble!  And so it took me twice as long to finish the project.  On the plus side once I was done with the stitchery it did rinse off faster.

I stopped by Sew Many Quilts and nabbed a packet of Transfer Eze for my next project.  Anne has used the Solvi product and found it to be easy to use also...so there are a couple of options.

The Material Girls were working away at their hand projects...they are so satisfying but do take a lot longer to get done! 
Have a great Tuesday!
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