Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Wrap Up (Are you signed in for the Give Away?)

 It has been a busy week but not as busy as some.  Finding the right balance in the pursuit of "Self Care."  I have been reading the "Language of Flowers" but am not ready to give a book report.  And I haven't seen a movie this week...sooo guess no movie review :( 

Got this email sent by Dario from Aurifil...what is not to love about an Italian who lives for thread! And this Sunday is his if you are on Facebook send him those wishes!

Today, I have for you a testimonial on the Dye Magnet.  I was asked earlier this week about the Dye Magnet and was surprised that every quilter didn't own stock in this company.  You can purchase it at any grocery store.  You throw it in with your laundry or fabrics when washing and it attracts the free floating dye, trapping it!.  

I decided to throw 2 sheets in this load to show you the outcome.  3 yards of dark blue indigo fabric with a bunch of light colored dinner napkins. 

post wash...look at the napkins!  no staining!

Although this photo doesn't show it well the 2 sheets of Dye Magnet were a dark grey! Saves time and fabric!

 Counting down to the Give Away!!! Just click on the link and follow the instructions!  Today, I am going to be stitching away with a couple of friends and hopefully making a dent in my UFO pile!  How about you?!  Have a great weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday!