Friday, May 9, 2014

Blog Vacation/Winner/Recap of the Week

I will be taking a Blog Vacation next week.  Have lots of stitching to do (LOL) at least I prepped a lot of items.  Will be spending time hanging with the family.  So I'll see you back here on May 19th!

But before I head out I will do a synopsis of the week and announce the winner!  Just so you know you have a week to send me your snail mail address so I can send the patterns out...yes, I said patterns.  Although I don't have enough for every one who guess correctly nor can it be the same pattern in the give away post...I decided since there were so many of you who guessed correctly I would give a differnt pattern to the 4 who Mr. Random # generator cough up first from the correct guess pile!...Mine was #2!!!

It is a Crabapple Hill Pattern and I used Diwabo's for the border.

#1 = Carol
#2 = U Keep Sewing
#3 = Abbigail
#4 = Lupe Hawk
email me your mailing addresses and when I get back I will send them out!  congratulations!

Due to the crazy schedule...I didn't finish a book this week :(  but I saw a movie while in Portland that I didn't tell you about!  Frozen!  It was adorable...especially the snowman.  And it was nice that it was about the love of the sisters.

This past week was a full week of quilting!  My quilting well is full...I hope you have a great quilt week ahead of you...see you back here on May 19th!
Happy Mother's Day!

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