Monday, May 19, 2014


A weeks vacation and I am sooo ready to be back with my peeps...not that I wasn't with my peeps but I mean to say, my quilting peeps.  As I was riding across the mountain yesterday I got a text from Anne of Cottons 'n Wool to be careful that there was an accident ahead.  I was reminded how special it is to have friends who watch out for you.  The pass was closed for almost 3 hours and once you are on the pass there is no detour.  So, we waited in a line of cars that stretched for miles for over an hour before moving. I was able to reflect how blessed I was that day...having spent a week with family.  That forever more 4 car loads of people lives have change.

My youngest son and his wife made it safely across the country.  They have unloaded their belongings and the Portland life begins for them.  In anticipation of their arrival I kept busy stitching and finished 5...yes, FIVE stitchery projects.  Now I just have to layer and quilt.  I got to see my grandsons 3 times, my cousins twice and my children and their wives...oh yes, life is a blessing.

my youngest grandson leaned to use chopsticks!

My second cousin McKenna stayed home from school one day and we had a girl day...just the 2 of us!  We went to see Rio 2 which was adorable and then naturally ended up at Powell's Books!

HH was relaxing and playing the Blues...and as you can see Enzo is about to drift off, lol

we had a beautiful moon rise one evening and the weather was spectacular!

...and Mother's Day was extra special with Family Breakfast

I made up a slide show of Pioneer Quilts, one of my favorite Portland area quilt shops...a real must see kinda shop. It is with great sadness that I have found out that this very special shop will be closing by the end of summer.   As we pulled into the parking lot one of the Woolies was also pulling in on her way back from a quilting retreat!  The world may see huge...but, it is really small...and the quilt shop world is getting smaller and losing one of it's crown jewels.  Thank you Pioneer Quilts for all that you have brought to my stash~

I am glad to be home and am heading off to Material Girls today so I can fill my girlfriend well :).  Also will be sending off the winner patterns to those who sent me their mailing addresses.
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