Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Day of Quilting (don't forget the Give Away!)

Wednesday was not a "barrel of monkeys" but a "barrel of quilts"!!!  The Juniperberries met at the house to decide which quilts to hang in the gallery show at QuiltWorks First Friday Exhibit. do you decide???  How do you chose one quilt over another when they are all fantastic???  Yes, the Juniperberries are the featured quilt group and our own Pat is the featured quilter.  It was a challenge but oh so fun hearing the history of the various group quilts.  
Cathy and Nola's quilts

quilts were flying!

Lori's quilt many beautiful quilts lying on my floor...sigh

After all that decision making...we shared a meal...ahhhh.  Then it was off to the East of the Cascade guild meeting where Linda (a Juniperberry) was the featured quilters.  Sorry for the photos...I was in the back row behind a post, lol.  Still you will get the idea of what kind of quilter our Linda is!  

Don't forget the Give Away!!! just click on the link, follow the instructions and dream!

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  1. Those quilts a gorgeous!
    My last name means 'snail' and I love that snail pattern. Can you tell me the name of it?
    D.G. L

  2. What BEAUTIFUL QUILTS !!!!!! The "STUNNING QUILT " is my favorite :-D

  3. Wonderful quilts and so fun to have so many groups and activities in your area. We are lucky if we get one a year and it is usually closed to members only.


  4. Looks like a fun day for your group! Love Linda's quilts!

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing the quilts! June at Quiltworks?

  6. I just love Kathy's quilt which is the first one on the left. Can you find out if she used a pattern and what it was. I would love a challenge like that one. Thank you, Kyle

  7. All of these quilts are stunning! Better watch out or people will sell their houses and move to Central Oregon so they can join in on all this fun and absorb some of the talent in the area. Coming in July!