Monday, April 28, 2014

Recovery Monday

Spending time with a friend from your childhood reaffirms your history.  You reminisce, laugh, talk and realize that although you may not have seen each other in over a year...the rhythm continues as if you have seen each other every day.  I had such a weekend and it is a gift!  I read a quote this last week that said, contact a friend you haven't seen in a while...reconnect, it's good for your health!!

And so my bestie from high school and I played the entire weekend in Portland.  I shared some of my favorite haunts, happy hours, shopping and we stayed up past midnight every night just hanging together.  I brought 3 hand stitching projects to work on...and she brought a rug hooking project...BUT, neither of us touched our stitching, lol.  I think taking a break once in a while is a good thing!

Breakfast at Cheryl's on 12th

Happy Hour at Jake's Fish House...and their famous Banana Cream Pie!

Just a small portion of the activities so as to not bore you, lol...then it was back over the mountain where the snow was spitting with a chill in the air. is supposed to reach 80 by mid week.  Gotta love Spring!

I have decided to start each week with a "funny" of some kind.  I think we need more laughter in the world!  I am off to Material Girls today which means we will be back to the "quilt talk" tomorrow!  Enjoy the video!