Friday, April 25, 2014

A Week in Review

It has been a great quilting week for me.  I got 2 tops & backings done and off to the "Quilter by Checkbook"  Obviously retreat was much needed :)  A wonderful Woolies group with a grandma shower!  And, the cherry on the sundae has been a couple of days in Portland with a girlfriend who flew in for some fun times.  We are driving back over the mountain tomorrow.

I also received a call from Kim McCray of Windswept Quilting that my Bridgetown quilt was done!!!  Kim quilts out of Quiltworks and can be reached by email

She has a real knack for deciding what pattern to use in what areas of a quilt.  My only 2 cents was to make each section of the quilt different.  I love it!

Movie review of the week...The Grand Hotel Budapest.  I enjoyed every minute!  But, it will not be every one's cup of tea.  It is quirky, has an 'ol timey film style...much like silent films but with talking.  Visually it is a feast.  And, the cast is spectacular. It is however the kind of movie where no bathroom breaks can be taken, lol.  So much detail in every scene.  If you liked "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" you'll like ths one.  This is definitely a movie that I will see again! 

Click on the photo to see the All Star Cast!

Well, the book of the week is by Tess Gerritsen.  I have enjoyed her books in the past, the characters...the mystery.  But within a couple of chapters I realized that something wasn't right in River City.  This was not quite up to the standard of her writing.  So, I did a little research and found out that this was one of her earliest works...a Harlequin Romance that had been republished. I hate being duped by the publishing industry.  I have never read Harlequin Romances even when they were at the height of their popularity because of the "Labrador Retriever" brain that I possess, which needs a more complicated read in order to keep my attention (we all have our short comings, lol).  It is a true fact that I never even visit the Romance section of Powell's!  Don't get me wrong I love romance as much as the next girl but it has got to be every so beautiful and lightly woven into a spectacular story line...not the whole story.  I did finish it but found myself skimming vast amounts of, would I recommend this book?  Yes, for a beach read, by the pool or in an airport...then you can leave your copy for the next unsuspecting traveler.

Have a great weekend and see back here on Monday!