Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Who's Having Fun????

Oppps...forgot to publish the blog...which means I was right to take a break!

This week has been...as Robin says, "A kick in the pants!" Class has been challenging for me since it is a design and process class. Besides being in the 'ol stomping grounds...and feeling mom's presence as I look out on the bay.

Ran into a couple of quilters hanging around! Del Thomas and Freddie Moran. Del brought her wonderful collection of art quilts and Freddie was just enjoying the evening program.

Asilomar is a wonderful setting for a workshop and there are fabulous boardwalks and paved paths to walk on along the beach. We saw a whole pod of whales!

I have been taking lots of photos and will have several slide shows showing our adventure from beginning to end. This will be the last post until Monday...as this class is sapping all my creative juices! LOL. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week that includes some stitching.

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