Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Living in Oregon is like a slice of many different environments, so many activities and then there are the trees...

On the way home the waterways were brimming with water.  We hadn't seen the levels this high in years...and we so need the water!

a few years ago we had a fire called the Cash Mountain was the largest in Oregon and left an entirely different landscape.  HH and I were driving over the pass when we saw the first flames of this fire...several cars pulled over because it was a scary site...that proved to be a huge fire.  But the scar left by this fire is a different kind of beauty in winter.

while in Portland I went to the largest Antique and Collectible Show at the Expo Center.  1400 booths!  I have to admit right up front...I only lasted half way through...oh yeah, I couldn't get past booth 700...I was too pooped and I had already reached my budget.

The prices were really over the top...more of the retail level than what you would expect from an event like fantastic buys.  With that said,  we were there on the last day and in the afternoon so dealers were willing to make a sale.  I didn't pay full price for anything but I didn't feel like I was getting anything for a steal.  

I loved this old steam iron and the little sewing table drawers.  I couldn't pass up the poodle pincushion either.

not quite as cute as Enzo but fun.  It is made out of metal and the head bobs up and down!

I also found this baby carriage!  Cute, huh!

I didn't take a lot of photos but you'll get a sense of this yearly event!
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