Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Empty Spools!

I'll give you fair warning...there will be more than one blog post on the Empty Spools Seminar.  I took so many photos to share and the experience was wonderful.  I know I may show a photo more than once but it is because the detail comes through with different angles.  

On the way down Mt. Shasta was spectacular!

The week we were at Asilomar the weather was beautiful.  California is definitely in the middle of a drought but we didn't complain about the weather.

The facilities are "rustic"  Which means if you are use to a 5 star hotel...well this isn't it.  In fact our room would be challenged to keep up with Motel 6.  It was in a beautiful setting and we had a fireplace with wonderful outdoor seating.  The bed was great!  But the decor is from the 70's at best and if you are a TV watcher be prepared for withdrawals.  I didn't notice there wasn't a TV until day 4 because we were so busy, lol.  No phone in the room but most people have cell phones and an emergency phone was  in the entry way to each building.  The big drawback for coffee in the rooms!!!!  For early rising quilters with coffee addiction, this was challenging. They were in full swing on remodeling and there was activity in several of the buildings.  With all that said...we are going back next year!!!  It was a fantastic experience!  Being in such a stimulating environment where your every need was right there (except for early morning coffee) was relaxing...and, boy did I need relaxing because designing is not relaxing for me, lol!  Next year...I will be bringing my French Press coffee maker!

The brazen deer of Sisters have relatives at Asilomar! lol.  

Session 3's Artist in Resident was Del Thomas.  She is not only a quilters but a Quilt Collector.  She has amassed a collection of quilts by the top designers of the quilt world and we, in Session 3 were lucky enough to benefit by her generosity.  She brought a few of the over 200 quilts she has in her collection for us to enjoy.

Enjoy slide show #1 of my Empty Spools Seminar experience!

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