Monday, March 24, 2014

Adventure Day One!!!

I'm Baaaack!  I hope you weren't too frustrated with my inability to keep up the blogging...I just had a creative melt down, lol.  I had no idea how exhausting being creative could be.  I arrived home Friday evening and struggled over the weekend on how to share the adventure.  I just wanted to jump in and start with Empty Spools at Asilomar...but, then thought maybe I should work my way backwards???  Ultimately decided to just take the less challenging path of starting with day one and working my way through the week.  Because the blog post would be a mile long if I did it all in one post I chose to share the adventure over a week so you could actually sit through it, lol.  I won't actually get to the Asilomar post until later this week and, it will take a couple of day to just to share my class experience.  I want to say upfront...we had nothing but a bang up great time!  So much so that we are going to sign up for next year!!!

Our trip down was a 2 day affair because we wanted to make the road trip part of the adventure.  First stop was on the side of HWY 97 at the road 12 junction to drop Robin's dog with her sister for the week...Camp Jeanette's.  He would have rather come with us but we needed his space in the car for all our purchases...forgetting that somehow we were going to have to fit him in on the way home :).

Our first overnight stay was going to be in Lakeport.  I was the navigator and tour planner.  When planning a trip with a friend it is better to iron out all the likes and dislikes ahead of time.  Figure out the money so that the trip becomes a no brainer and there doesn't have to be financial discussions every time you stop.  Because I have hotel issues we agreed that Robin would take totally care of the transportation (ie. wear/tear on the vehicle and gas was her responsibility) I on the the other hand would provide hotels on the way down and on the way home.  We did not figure out penny for penny and it worked out wonderful.  Since the Empty Spools included lodging and meals our expenses were only on the trip down and up.  I chose 2 stops on the way to Lakeport.  First was the Crafter's Mall & The Sewing Room in Redding, California.  An interesting combination of independent crafter's selling their wares and quilt store.  Second stop was Quilts 'n Thyne located in Corning.  Which was a combination quilt, sewing machine and vacuum store.

What better place to stretch one's legs and take a bathroom break than a quilt store!!!  Enjoy the slide show, it is a combination of our first 2 quilt store stops.

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