Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Year of the UFO

For the rest of the world this is the Year of the Horse.  People born in the year of the horse are travelers.  It is also a sign of speedy success.  Horses are best in a leadership role and  are known for their pursuit of freedom.  They are passionate in their beliefs.  As a side note my mother was born in the year of the horse and to her dying day was proud of the year she entered this world.

In this space I occupy it is not the year of the horse but rather the year of the UFO.  It is a year filled with mystery (where the #$%^ did this kit come from?) and wonder (holy moly...I could open a shop!!!).  Those of us brave enough to embrace the Year of the UFO are committed.  We also are passionate about the pursuit of freedom from the burden of our past.  We desire excitement in discovering new projects but are disciplined enough to realize that by embracing the UFO we will set our sewing rooms free!!!!

I encourage you to stay the course.  To embrace those UFO's that have been crying for freedom...we are closing in on the second month of the year and we must be strong!

With this said I dug out a BOM from 2013 designed by Kathy Schmitz and dove right in...I decided after seeing and talking with Candace at Squash House Quilts to also construct mine into one quilt rather than 12 little ones.  I had a good start on the stitchery but seemed to have had a Labrador moment and bounced off after some other project.  NOW, IT IS THE YEAR OF THE UFO!!!

2 Down...10 to Go...

I may have a Labrador Retriever Brain...but, I am an Optimist!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!  And, hug a UFO!