Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quiet River, the finale

The snow kept coming...yep, this is the front of my house...but, how to get to the front door?

There is snow piled every where.

HH had been shoveling for 2 days, before I got home so I helped him by pushing the snow blower.  it is so much fun!  I know some will think I am crazy, but I miss the winters like this.  I know milder winters are more convenient  but traditional winters cause one to change the patterns of your life, to reflect what your choices are...and I LIKE IT, lol. 

  The next morning the mountains peek out and gave us a show!

it's a short slide show but has yummy quilts.  I am trying to lie low and recover from this cold I have picked up somewhere...yuck.   Hope you have a cozy day with just a stitch or two!

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