Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Whether it was the retreat or the cold I seem to have adopted...I am tired.  Just tired.  Sometimes I think our bodies tell us, "alright already! enough is enough!"  I missed Woolies yesterday because I didn't want to infect my friends...sigh...

HH has been taking care of me which is a blessing because I can turn into a real princess when I have a cold.  Sometimes I think God, the universe, or the people in charge bring someone into your life that is just perfect.  Someone who can cook, clean, do paperwork and take care of you.  A morning like this one makes me grateful for the world I ended up living in...

This little family was trudging down the road...I bet their HH was in the lead...saying, this way guys~ 

As we dealt with all the mail that had piled up I opened my letter from the Sisters Quilters Affair!!!  Yes, the Fabric Stalkers got into every class we registered for!  Looks like i will be busy this summer!  I have a goal today to stitch the second block of my Halloween quilt BOM.  And, to finish my placemats!  lets see if this cold is leaving my universe???!!!  I hope so!

I hope your hump day is productive!