Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lovin' Bertie!

Here we are entering the last week of February!!!  Holy calendar Bat Man...how did that happen!  What I do know is that my commitment to not internet shop the first 6 months has been an eye opener!  Not only where my pocketbook is concerned but how I feel emotionally.  Who would have thought that this commitment would open up a pile of revelations about myself.  Life in the command center is much more relaxing without packages arriving by mail.   And, there is a real sense of control and contentment as I chip away at the piles around here.  

I have already finished the 1st Bertie BOM!  This is what students who actually had their homework ready on Friday for class on Monday must feel...I decided to do a little fancy stitching on my leaves...and to use different colors of green for the leaves.  If you look at a tree...the leaves are never all the same shade of green.  I also didn't like how the little nest looked and so stitched and clipped some gold pearl cotton to look like bits of straw.

Because I know that I am not going to like all the wool selections provided in a BOM I save all my little scraps from previous projects so I can be a little more innovative.  I save them in gallon plastic bags and when I am looking for a variety of greens I dump the bags and ALWAYS find something just right!

I already have the next months block prepped!  I didn't like the neon colored wool that was provided for the flowers and so did some wool diving into my scrap bags.

I generally don't follow the instructions to the letter but am always looking for easier short cuts.  Rather than prep and stitch the center first before piecing the border...I pieced the border, attaching it to the center before attaching the motifs.  This way I can center the pieces perfectly.  Then I applied SF 101 a Pellon product to the entire back to give it stability.  I sewed an 1/8th seam all the way around to further strengthen the flannel and prevent stretching.

Today I head to Woolies...and will begin stitching on Bertie #2!  Hope your Tuesday is filled with stitching.