Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thank You

I wanted to start today's blog with a heart felt thank you!!!  For all of you that have been traveling this journey with me and for the new readers who are in for a wild ride, lol.  

I have been trying to develop a 2014 strategy for my quilting life.  One of the best ways is to look at friends around you and see what they are doing...after all why do all that thinking when you can let someone else figure it out and just copy them!!! LOL.   There are the "die hard UFO people" who have sworn off purchasing anything way can I do that.  There is the "do one UFO, start one new project" quilters...hummm, tempting.  Oh...and then there are those who are throwing caution to the wind and just buy, buy, buy.

Where do you think you fall in the quilting spectrum?

What I do know is that to embrace my 2014 word "Quiet" I am going to have to keep the drama, stress and judgement down to a dull roar.  I have always...and I mean always been a last minute person.  Whether it was cramming for exams or going on a diet just before the party...but, no more.  From now on one of my goals will be to finish a project at least a couple of weeks before it is mind you, I am soooo far behind that it will take me a while to fully reach this goal.  At least number a 1 deadline is done and it is 3 weeks before the birthday!!!!  I have to tell you...I never knew how good it feels to be this smug, lol.  Aren't these pillow cases adorable!

My other goal is to empty some project boxes.  And I love how my friend Lori is methodically working her way through her project list.  Which for first...get those Buttermilk Basin mats done...they are adorable and I now have 6 of them done and 2 prepped and ready to stitch!!!  It is a wonderful feeling to be completing stuff.

Once I get a little more organized this week I will be switching out the UFO Flicker site on the banner so those of you who want to post can.  We did fabulous last year!  And...Blockhead Day is coming up...more about that later this week.  Have a wonderful hump day!