Thursday, January 9, 2014


I am continuing to ponder the path I want to walk this quilting year and I love hearing the goals and decisions others are making.  A friend of mine (quilter)  was nice enough to open her house to me on Tuesday evening.  A handful of us gathered for chat time at another girlfriends house. I don't know if you know this but I am unable to drive at night.  Absolute night blind.  So I ventured to the next town in the day time and parked my car at my girlfriends and she drove us to dinner and chat.  Afterwards we went back to her house and I stayed the night.  Which gave us time to talk about our quilting dreams, plans and process.  She has made a list of all her projects!!! Yikes!!!  But you know...I think she has a good idea!  I have had a running list in my head but not written on paper or computer.  I am going to work on this over the weekend and I will tell you on Monday if I will need a blood transfusion or oxygen, LOL.

When I drove back home the next morning I drove directly to Juniperberries to stitch and share with a wonderful group of women.  Everyone works on their own projects although several were being instructed on the construction of a quilted bag.  My brain could not wrap around another new I continued to stitch on my Buttermilk Basin monthly mats.  

Pat brought the top of her challenge quilt to stitch the applique borders...and boy is it ever beautiful!  Pat's home and quilt room will be featured on the blog in Feb. so stay tuned for that treat!

This is one of the reasons I couldn't face the bag class...see all those zippers!!!!  Yikes, zippers scare me!

...and Miss Rosie showed up for a visit...isn't she adorable!

Well, back to the drawing board....I mean quilting board!  See ya tomorrow!