Monday, January 13, 2014

Girl On Fire!!!

It was the perfect weekend!  The weather was rainy and snowy...and oh the wind!  But, what's a quilter to do on such a blustery weekend???QUILT!!!!

First and foremost on my mind was my 2014 plan.  Now, anyone in the business world will tell you that you need a plan...but, you must also be flexible and open to change.  I started off with organizing  and picking up my sewing room. And then, inventory was taken.  I received many suggestions about the 2014 quilting life and it seems all of us are on some kind of journey this year.  With that said I embraced the concept of making a list.  I decided to ONLY list those projects which are already bundled with the fabric to complete them.  This list did not include my quilting dreams or patterns I want to make but ONLY those projects which are already bundled or kitted with the fabric to make them.  As you can see my list is long...oye vey...once I made the list I sat on the floor of my closet...looking at my stash and I brought up my 2014 word...QUIET.  I silenced all the voices of judgement and hysteria!  Then I looked at my list and understood that I loved all these projects, there was not a one...I did not want to make...that was good.  

After making the list a second goal came to mind.  I recently had a conversation with "someone in the know" in the quilting world that all of our local quilt shops and here I am also talking about your local quilt shop...are facing the same challenges that the local bookstores faced years ago.  How to remain viable and healthy in a big box/internet world.  Years ago my very favorite bookstore 1st Chapter Books in Bend closed once Barnes and Noble opened.  And, Barnes and Noble is struggling along with Borders and the like because, of the internet.  I do know that because of location many are dependent on the internet for shopping especially when looking for a specific piece of fabric.  BUT, one has to consider what all this internet shopping does to the brick and mortar quilt shop?  And with that said...I have set a challenge for myself.  This year I will set a goal to only buy fabric from shops I can walk into!  It will be Brick and Mortar  Year for me!

I liked another suggestion of finishing 2 UFO's before starting a new project...and, as you can see by my list I have many new projects waiting to be started.  My intention is to only buy fabric that is needed to complete a project I already have such as backing, binding, borders and the like.

I have to say up front before I came to this plan I had already signed up for a one BOM and purchased one Valentines project.  So my plan begins today!

I also decided after the list making that I am going to postpone my Blockhead program and again do the Flicker 2014 UFO to encourage as many of you as possible to finish up those UFO's and share your accomplishments with us all!

When picking up a piece of fabric needed to complete a project at Sew Many Quilts  I tried to talk myself out of buying this book!

But, I feel in love with this quilt!  I am going to try and make it out of my stash!!!  But first to finish 2 UFO's!

This Girl Was On Fire this weekend...and decided I needed to get going on my Tula Pink Club at The Stitching Post.

Jackie, club moderator suggested cutting out several blocks before sewing and boy has that ever helped the progress!

I was able to finish a Valentines apron request for my DIL.  This is my all time favorite apron pattern.  Not only does it really show off favorite fabrics it is very slimming...and I need the illusion, lol.

And my first UFO of 2014 completed!!!  I made this wall hanging 2-3 years ago and then it languished in my top drawer.  I was stuck on the quilting.  The first thing I did was Google envelope quilting method and found a great tutorial on Red Pepper Quilts.  The only thing I did different was use fusible batting so I didn't have to pin :)

Then in keeping with the modern quilt movement I kept it simple.  Chalking one small Tsunami design and then using straight lines for the rest!  Easy Peasy!  

So, as you can see...I am a Girl On Fire!