Thursday, January 23, 2014

Faster Than a Speeding Quilter!!!

Poor Enzo...he had his teeth cleaned yesterday and it required sedation.  He was a pathetic, whining mess when I picked him up.  Glassy eyed and lethargic...HH said he would have gotten a DUI if he was allowed to drive.  He didn't even want the treat I brought him...regardless he wanted to be in the sewing room with me and so yesterday afternoon he laid around. 

Last night I attended the EOTC (East of the Cascade Quilt Guild) and it was an amazing meeting.  It deserves a blog on it's own...Monday, I will share this incredible gathering! 

This quilter is smokin'...a girl on fire...faster than a speeding quilter.  But most of all I have been enjoying myself.  I realize this is what quilters who are organized and controlled must feel like...POWERFUL!!!  I finished 4...yes FOUR!!!  UFO's in January!!!  I find this incredible.  

First, the wall hanging for my cousin Kathy's office.

Secondly, thanks to a push from Liberty cross stitch!  It has the cutest buttons on it!

Third, the Fabric Stalker Flippin' Bird Challenge!

...and last but not least my Buttermilk Basin monthly mats which the Woolies decided to showcase on Blog-less Sandy's handmade burlap decorated boards.  Yes...all 12 months are DONE!

I had to show you a close up of October's Mat.  When I show the block on the blog before stitching I was asked where the mouth and eye was on the moon.  If you check out Buttermilk Basin's site you will see the original design.  I just couldn't live with the moon looking like that...sorry Stacy.  So I left the eye and mouth off...but, the owl is looking at something...but what?  So I decided to add a hanging spider from a little thread bow.  I love it!

I know February will be a different spool of thread but I am still going to plug along on my quest...don't give up we can do this!  See ya tomorrow.