Monday, December 16, 2013

Give Away Day 8!!!

Having barely survived the weekend taking care of my own grandchildren while their parent were out of town...I discovered some very important facts...none of which have to do with my perfect grandsons...well, one of the items does.  Sleeping in a king sized bed with a 23 month old between you means nana and grandpa only will get 1 inch of real estate!!!  The 23 month old is a real estate mogul, lol.  This weekend was a reminder that indeed our adult children have their hands full and raising children is for the young.  As I said before my PERFECT grandsons are teaching their grandparents some valuable lessons...#1...I need to get in shape!  Lifting an almost 2 year old in and out of a shopping cart, the street car, a bathtub or a car seat requires substantial upper body strength and lower back stability.

Enzo found out that his ears are quiet attractive to little hands...and although he is very tolerant and gentle...when he did the 23 month old. :)

We found different ways to stay entertained and one of them was a trip to Powells bookstore.  I swear they have a book for everyone...even me!

The yarn bombers have covered the city's sculptures with sweaters to keep them warm.

We are circling back around to a patriotic pattern.  It does seem that I have a larger quantity of snowmen and patriotic patterns.  I do love them so!  If you are interested in entering the Give Away leave me a comment on this blog post, please be a registered follower and check back here on the 23rd for a list of the winners!!!  You will have 24 hours to respond or I will draw a new of luck...have fun and enjoy the holidays!

Have you even been somewhere that a flash mob has shown up???? I would so like to be surprised like this!!!