Friday, December 6, 2013

Give Away Day 2

Just in time for Christmas I finished my neighborhood quilt!!!  I love it although my construction took a little longer than Sweet Peas, Cottons 'n Wool and Blogless Sandy.  It was encouraging to see their progress and it kept me going.  Because of the location where I planned on hanging it I dropped a row and made it square.  In the boarder applique I used wool.

Sandy Lachowski of Bend Oregon did the fantastic quilting!  Click on the photo to enlarge and see the detail!

Yesterday I had fun quilting with the Juniperberries and look who showed up to help out with the stitching...Rosie!

I was furiously getting ready for my sister weekend in Portland.  I had to get some last minute projects prepped for stitching.  I guess I was spending too much time prepping... HH & Enzo showed up for happy hour, LOL,

Well, here we go...Day 2 Give Away!  There is still time to sign up for Day 1 give away, just go to yesterdays post and leave a comment.  Day 2's pattern is one of my favorites for 2013.  If you are interested just leave a comment, be sure you are a registered follower and if you are a no reply follower remember to check back to see who the dog dish coughed have 24 hours to respond.

Kid History is one of my favorite on line shows...enjoy and I'll see you on Monday!