Thursday, December 19, 2013

Give Away, Day 11

Rushing around trying to get the holiday activities in full swing is somewhat daunting this year.  I think my own crazy schedule doesn't quite mesh with the shorter time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  

I decided to forego the traditional baking and try some Pinterest baking and it proved to be fun and yummy!  I heated up these peppermint kisses on pretzels then when they were warmed up topped them with an M & M.

Next came the mini cupcakes with a marshmallow baked in the center...yummm

oh yeah, here he is...the haircut and, somebody isn't happy!

but, at least in the annual Christmas photo I can see him rolling his eyes at me!

here we are...Day 11 Give is a funny one!  Photo booth Santa!  leave a comment on this post if you are interested, be a registered follower and check back on the 23rd!  One more day...and tomorrows will be a goodie!

All you cat lovers...are going to love this one!  Enjoy!!!  Dedicated to my grandcat, Hank!