Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Give Away, Day 10!!! Could it Be???

Yep it is back to Sisters and Enzo is scheduled for a Christmas hair doo!  HH likes him all fuzzy...says his face is so much more expressive.  I, on the other hand think he may be hiding something when I can't see him rolling his eyes at today, a hair cut.

As we were cleaning up the Portland digs and packing for our trip back over the mountain...we saw that Santa was waiting for the streetcar...obviously the economy has even hit the North Pole and he is back to his day job.

...and, one of the elf's was texting the other elves that he was taking a smoke break...happy holidays!

Today I work on my Christmas cards...oh by the way...if you are expecting will be late, lol.  That goes for Christmas packages!  Gotta get down to the mail box and pick up our over flowing mail and send off my packages!  I am not looking forward to the lines!

Today's Give Away is looking to sunnier days.  This little wall hanging is so cute and the motif can be used on a baby quilt!!! So, if you are interested comment on this post, be a registered follower, and check back on the 23rd for the winner!!  yada, yada, yada....  I apologize for not keeping up on my emails but the little guy is totally tech savvy and I can't get on the smart phone, computer or Ipad without his little face and hands right in there...better just not even to try.  But at night I do read them all!

Remember this from a year ago...wonder where this guy is now???