Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Update

How was your weekend? Get any sewing done?  Robin and I headed over the mountain to the Portland Food and Gift Festival.  The weekend was a perfect blend of activity.  Every time we headed out the door the rain stopped until we came back home.  I will be sharing the activities and the stitching that was accomplished as we get into the week...but the ride home was another story...Over the Hill and Through the Woods...the snow has arrived!  It was a fine drive over but the drive back caught everyone by surprise.  It was ok because everyone was behaving themselves behind the wheel.

On our way into the city we had to stop at Pioneer Quilts!  The eye candy is just sooo detrimental to my fiber diet.  I did pick up a few pieces of wool that I couldn't live without and 3 fat quarters of Civil War Fabric...sigh...I really can't help it....

Enjoy the slideshow!

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