Monday, November 25, 2013

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!!!

Pssttt....First an announcement about this years 12 days of Christmas Give Away....oh yeah, I am doing it again!  I have been saving up my favorite project patterns and am ready to share them with you...starting Dec. 5th.  So, tell your friends that each weekday starting Dec. 5th-20th I will be posting a GIVE AWAY!!! for registered Woolie followers.  If you happen to be a "no reply" follower I am NOT going to track you down but will announce the winner and you will have exactly 24 hours from when I post the winner to contact me :) otherwise I will let the dog dish cough up a new winner!...Humble Quilts Blog has posted an extrodinary explaination on how to change from a no reply to a Reply ...just click reply and find out how!

This weekend was amazingly beautiful and cold...woke up to 11 degrees!!!  I hear Anne woke up to 5 degrees in Bend!  Clear skies bring cold temps but breathtaking views!

Mr. Bucky was relaxing across the can click on these photos to enlarge and you can actually see he is watching me, lol

A couple of girlfriends and I went to see The Delivery Man.  The was a good movie.  Not just a raunchy nor chick flick genre...but, for an over the top theme it was a good movie and I can see why it has been getting rave reviews.  Don't be turned off by the Sperm Donor/533 kids idea, lol.

This past weekend I had one foot in Thanksgiving and one in Christmas.  Anticipating my schedule and wanting to have a little...just a little head start on Christmas decorating I went to my table runner/topper crock.  This is a great way to decorate and store your table runners.  All the seasons are rolled up and stuffed in there year round.

I chose this one for my dining table...a little pressing and the first bit of decorating is done!

So...are you cooking the Thanksgiving feast????