Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Full Contact Sport!!!

My quilting well was filled to the brim!  I figured out that I had not been with my Material Girls since before HH and I took the quilt tour of Vegas!  To commemorate my return HH and I went to see Last Vegas at the Sisters Movie House last night and it was a thoroughly enjoyable movie!  I love ensemble movies where you get to see more actors for your buck, lol.

It was so fun to see what everyone had been working on while I was absent.  Why you ask is quilting at full contact sport???  Linda has been working on this project, hand quilting for the better part of this year...and now she has to quilt with a heating bag on her shoulder!!! 

Isabella made herself a dress...opps...she didn't use enough fabric!

I was most intrigue by Jean's latest embroidery project...mainly because I have cousins who's names are Faith, Hope and Charity...I am going to make these embroideries for their parents!....someday! lol

Seems embroidery was popular today...Karen from Madras was working on a Crabapple Hill project ( the Faith, Hope & Charity are also theirs)

Isabella made a baby quilt totally out of her stash...when was the last time you did  that?? lol  Be sure to check the Quilts ~ baby on my Pinterest site...because there are some wonderful ideas for baby quilts!

Marilyn has been working on a Dresden project, embroidered blocks along with pieced blocks...I love this!

Anne was working on her Heart to Hand project...I bought mine in a kit...but, I really like the fabrics she is using for her backgrounds!!!

While I was in Bend hanging with the Material Girls, HH and Enzo were out hiking and photographing.  HH said that Enzo came upon some coyote scat.  When I asked what he did when he found it...HH said he was sniffing it like a fine cigar! YUCK!!!  I am having a hard time looking him in the face!  See ya tomorrow!