Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Labrador Retriever Moment

It happened again!!!  I was overtaken by the Labrador retriever that lives in my brain and even though I have a million, gazillion projects in various stages of development I just had to start an NEW one!!!  I was consumed with the idea of making a nap quilt for my youngest grandson when we nap at the Portland digs.  I decided on a rag quilt with a riot of bright colors and fun prints.  The best part of a rag quilt is that you get to use up all those end pieces of batting.  I actually created some space when I cut up all the batting!

A nice quilted stack of squares...just waiting to be sewn together. 

I have been possessed with the idea of spiral binding some of my quilt books...the ones that I use a lot, like Around the Block. See how used it looks...I love this book.  It is such a great deal at XPress in Sisters, each book was only 3 dollars! 

I suddenly realized what I said in the first paragraph...that I have "projects in various stages of development  WOW...that sounds so much better than pile of UFO's...from now on...I am referring to my sewing room as the Command Center for Fiber Projects in Various Stages of development and implementation!!!  WOW...I feel amazing!!!!!

Wednesday I had an incredible quilting day.  I was lucky enough to be invited to stitch with the Juniperberries of Sisters.  This group has been stitching together for years and usually has a special exhibit in the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  Although I was a little intimidated they were very receptive to having a newbie join in the fun.  And the bottom line is they are much like my other quilt groups,  a group of women that have a passion for quilting and just want to share it with each other.  They meet once a month and will fit quite easily into my crazy schedule.

Here is a peek at some of the show 'n tell

no wonder I am a little intimidated! lol

So many wonderful French General presents!

I am so stealing this idea for my rag quilt!  Cathy who was finishing a quilt for her grandson inserted tabs under the binding which little stuffed toys could be attached too!

see them hanging off the edge of the much fun and isn't the quilt adorable!

I am making headway towards my November and December about you?  I am going to meet my goal of finishing 12 UFO' January I couldn't even imagine being able to accomplish this goal!  How are you guys doing?  And judgement, everyone does the best they can and the number one goal...enjoy the process!