Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Ah, you may wonder how could I not think this was the most perfect place on earth???  It is beautiful from this perspective...

...and even from this one...

the view from our window was panoramic...but the canal that runs through Honolulu is very contaminated.  No one swims in it, no fishing is going on although there are a lot of fish in there...no one even lets their dog go into it on a hot day.  I have never seen this level of "houselessness"...so very sad...in paradise.  I may bypass Honolulu...next time flying directly to Maui!

When HH lived here as a little boy there were only 4 hotels on the beach!

Of course there are 2 special people living on the island, my nephew and his fiance...both advanced degree college graduates...working professionals and it takes them 4 jobs to live on the island.  A dozen eggs cost me $7!!!  I am not sure how long they are going to stay...

It was a blast spending time together...my aunts are all in their 70's and boy did we laugh!

I did find one "real" quilt store and will share a slide show with you tomorrow...but, I did find this Hawaiian quilt store with already made items...more for tourist.  Gail Pan keep egging me on to check out the Hawaiian quilt class held at the Palace but as you can probably tell..getting this many women up and going is a challenge! lol