Friday, October 18, 2013


I have one last story to share of my visit to the island.  Whenever the girls in our family get together there is always someone who suggests a Korean Spa day.  If you have never had to opportunity to visit a Korean Spa, you MUST.  Just from the stand point of experiencing something that is totally mind blowing.  Here is the walk in, they give you a towel and a locker.  You strip down to your birthday suit and you go scrub and shower.  Then you get in this HOT pool of water with everyone else...still buck naked and you soak for 20 is almost...almost unbearable.  Then your number is called and you are taken...buck a room with several tables where you lie down along side other women who are...buck naked...then your spa attendant proceed to scrub your entire body.  The spa attendants are in either swimsuits or bra and panties because this is a totally wet room.  Let me clarify...I take a shower every day.   But once the spa attendant starts scrubbing...the dirt that comes off your skin is unbelievable!  I am not exaggerating...she scrubs every square inch of you!!!  She has seen areas of my body that no one else has ever seen, nor would want too!!!  Once she scrubs one side she dips a pan into a barrel of warm water and throws it over your body...I felt like a beached sea lion as I flipped from side to side.  After it is all done, you skin feels like a new born babies.  You can then take a nap or watch TV...have a snack, sauna....The one truth I can tell that...I am glad I will never see this woman again!!!!!! LOL

It is a blessing to live a life that is filled with adventure and I am thankful to be back in Oregon.  In the continuing quest to celebrate my birthday the entire month HH and I went to Jake's Grill.  When I made the reservation they asked if we were celebrating anything and I said, "my birthday!"

When the menus arrived they were printed special...just for me!

But, all this traveling and eating out really has done a number to my WW plan and I am going to have to get back on the bandwagon!

I am pooped.  Ready to just hideout in my sewing room and get working on some UFO's!  I have some pretty big dreams about being organized and getting some projects done in November!!!