Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

I am ever hopeful that I will get at least 1 trick or treater.  There have been times in our house history where we lived in neighborhoods where we bought bags and bags of candy and still ran out.  But, I fear in our growing our little town...with no street light...and the candy accumulation spread out...that we might not have a trick or treater.  (((sigh)))  

A new house is going up in the neighborhood.  The gossip is that it is a spec house being built for investment purposes and will go on the market when it is completed.  Anyone want to move into the neighborhood?

I finally had a moment to take a breath and unpack a box I had received.  I am so excited...a Go Dresden cutter...there will be no stopping me now!!!!  Especially when the Material Girls 2014 challenge is a Dresden quilt!

Like I told you, HH and I got our Shingles vaccine...but another Woolie reader, Jenny wants to remind you to get your Pneumonia shot also!  Since turning 60 this month I decided to face my age and do a complete check far, mammogram, ultrasound of my female parts, flu shot, shingles shot (already had my pneumonia shot) today is a Pap and I see a colonoscopy in my future.  Facing into the future of aging I am in charge :) I hope you will take care of yourself also...after all we have a whole lot of UFO's that still need completing, lol!