Thursday, October 24, 2013

Busy Bee

Now that life is beginning to turn at a manageable speed and on an axis that I enjoy...I am spending time in my sewing real time, not just peeking time but staying time.  I actually think my fabric missed me, lol.  There was a nice pile of freshly washing fabric that needed to be folded and put in the appropriate pile...and on every surface were projects in various stages of UFOness.  I started prepping the snow mugs, just in time for the fresh snow on the mountains.

I realized that some of the difficulty I was having in the sewing room is that there was a project up on the one and only design wall I have that needed to be finished so I could move on to something else.  This is the issue of leaving a project mid stream for several can't quite remember where you were and what needs to be done next.  So I just started cutting, only to realize after I decided to peek at the instructions that I was cutting incorrectly.  Not to be foiled I readjusted the pattern to fit my pieces and have been able to make a little head way.

Finally after hearing the message over and over from different quilters that I need to have my books spiral bound for ease of use...I did it.  In preparation for group projects and Blockhead day I took 2 of my books to XPress in Sisters and it cost me only $6 to have both books bound!!!!

Look at how flat the 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book is when opened!  It is so user friendly!  Jackie who is team leader for the Tula Pink blocks group said this is the best way to go and now, I am a believer!

Those of you who have decided to become Blockheads...
November is just around the corner!!!  And I have a wonderful slideshow for tomorrow....see you then!