Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bless Me Father For I Have Shopped....

While playing in Vegas's 90 degree apparently back home a storm was a happenin'.  We came home to our patio furniture in disarray and it looked like a neighbor might have had to gather up the cushions and put them back in place.  The plastic garbage bag I had over my tomato plant was no where to be seen and the line of about 10 blue bottles I had were blown over.  The season for growing is definitely over and my tomato and pumpkin plant were freezer burned.  I picked as many of the tomatoes as I could because someone told me if I put them in a dark place they would turn red????  On the other hand I have heard of fried green tomatoes but have never made them nor know if they taste any good???  Next year I start earlier on the planting.

Here we are at the "Bless Me Father For I Have Shopped" Full Disclosure.  I start with this statement...it is NOT my fault.  Susan of Quilt Tours of Las Vegas gave me 2 shopping bags as part of the tour...one for me and one for HH.  I didn't want to be rude and not use them both!!!

I was pretty darn excited when we arrived at Fiddlesticks in  historic Boulder City, Nevada home of the Annual "Quilt Old Town" Show.

QUILTIQUE located in Henderson, Nevada was just the place for this Material Girl!

The Christmas Goose located in Las Vegas, Nevada is filled with all my favorite designers...plus Sunshine my newly discovered designer!

lastly but not least...Fabric Boutique which has over 200+ quilt samples on the wall...and the Las Vegas fabric!

I came away from this latest adventure with a new friend Susan Tracy of Quilt Tours of Las Vegas.  We will cross paths again since a little bird told me she was going to be at the Quilt! Knit! Stitch! International Show in Portland 
August 14 - 16 2014

Have a wonderful Tuesday! The first day of my birthday month...and...I do celebrate the entire month!!! lol  Robin, who knows me well started me off with this wonderful pillow for my entry way...isn't it a hoot!