Thursday, September 5, 2013

When Did That Happen?

It is hard to believe that we are into the first week of September!!!  And September is a very busy month for me...ROFLOL...seems like that statement is an oxymoron, since this year every month has been a busy month.  Shsssh...I hate to say it out loud but I am looking forward to the snow flying because it is a natural slowdown for me.  But, since Fall is my absolute favorite time of year I am going to be enjoying every moment.  As the first week in September marches forward so does the school year...and have I got an interesting website for all of you...especially is you are a teacher!  My DIL#2 who is in grad school sent me a website for a FREE online course for teachers or whoever might be interested titled, "Perspective on Disability" Check out the web page it might expand your world! 

We had a great time setting up our little place in the city...but HH had to enjoy the view without helping...which is really hard for him.  Now, he is waiting for the nurse to call him back, sigh...I hope he feels better, poor guy. I also think I have to make an appointment for him on dealing with trauma.  Because, let me tell you...with me driving and him sitting in the passenger seat there was a LOT of #$%^& and that was just me.  I am a Driving Miss Daisy kind of gal who enjoys the passing scenery while stitching...NOT a behind the wheel, what the H-E-double hockey sticks, screaming, using hand & finger signals kind of person...that only happens in my sewing room.  But, we made it home and one gin & tonic and a 2 hour nap and I feel great...HH is still twitching.

It seems the landscapers know when the Woolie's are out of town and they make themselves at home. 

I am on a major prep-a-thon since the September schedule is going to have a lot of travel time in it and I want to make some headway on the UFO's WIP's and PIGs.  I had the urge to start something new and dug through my kit pile...and found Snowy Days.  It is a Heart to Hand pattern and in my heart of hearts...I may be able to get it done before the snow flies! 

Since we are now fully into September that means....wait for it...Christmas is less than 4 months away!!!  And you know what that means...we quilters are making gifts,  I am thinking that if I give quilts for baby gifts, birthdays, Christmas...I am going to print this out on fabric and use it for the label!! LOL

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