Friday, September 13, 2013

Sitting And Stitching With An Old Friend....

When I moved back out to Sisters earlier this year after 25 years I frequently was asked if I would be giving up my Bend Quilters for some Sisters Quilters.  I pondered this question for a nano second.  There is no way to give up the friendships and history I have built with my quilting buds in Bend...on the other hand there is no reason I can't develop and build a quilting network for myself in can never have too many quilting girlfriends!  But, as with all things new, it takes time to figure out how you can organize the time.
I reconnected with Joyce, who back in the day worked at the Stitchin' Post and would along with Jean Wells organize fabulous bus trips to Portland for a day of shopping, eating and talking. Although retired she still teaches classes and enjoys group "sit and stitch."  The Stitchin' Post has through the end of this year a few Wednesday afternoons set aside where you can come to the classroom with either machine or hand sewing.  Bring your lunch, sit, stitch and talk!  Perfect afternoon!  Starting in 2014 it will be a regular feature on Wednesdays. 
If you are local and I mean anywhere in Central Oregon or Oregon for that matter and feel like hanging with us...both Joyce and I will be stitching this Wednesday from noon till about 3-4 PM depending on how much energy we have. lol. 
(I loaded the photos for today individually so you could click on them to enlarge.)

Joyce was teaching a paper piecing class in the morning and decided to continue working on her project.
I love her tree block!  It is snowing!

and as with all quilters she brought some show 'n tell.  This wall hanging was designed by Jean herself and the gals at the Stitchin' Post all made a block...Joyce loves pumpkins!

The next few slides show some of the paper piecing inspiration that Joyce brought to her class!

wouldn't this make a great gift for that shoe hoarding girlfriend we all have?!

Sally came in and showed off her latest project!  Such fun, so simple and the dots...who doesn't love dots!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, filled with friendship and some stitching!  See you back here on Monday and have I got a Give Away surprise for you!!!