Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ah Fiddlesticks! We're Lost In Las Vegas! (Winners!!!)

Drum roll please!!!!  As coughed up by the dog dish & Mr. Random Number Generator, the winners of the Buttermilk Basin sponsered Give Away are...Barbara Woods who said, "great patterns, thanks" and Carol who said, "Such a great! I follow you, of course, and love it!" There will be another fabulous Give Away to celebrate birthday month!!!
Here is the thing...we are not how did we come to choose Las Vegas for our anniversary trip?  I really wanted to see the Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil and it was playing at the Mirage.  But, I wanted to stay at the MGM because of the river pool.  After spending 2+ hours sitting on the tarmac in San Francisco we had to wait in a line for 45 minutes just to check in!  When the gentleman apologized for our long wait I told him sweetly, it was nothing compared to the wait on the tarmac and it would be really nice if we got a great room, with a great view.  He excused himself for a few minutes, came back, checked us in...and here was the view from our room!  HH and I rearranged the furniture and every evening we sat looking at the light of Las Vegas!

I think the last time we were here was in looks totally different!  There are several new casino/hotels and from our vantage point the strip looks like a different town!  Look at these two towers built so they are leaning!

When we arrived at the MGM there were crowds of people just standing at the entrance, just waiting.  A big movie camera guy and a big boom microphone.  What the heck in going on???  Well unbeknownst to us the MGM was hosting the iHeartRadio Music Festival!!!  Never heard of it, lol...but as we stood in line to check in every so often there would be squealing and screaming as Paul McCartney, Justin Timberlake...or somebody like that would arrive.  Me...after 2+++ hours on the tarmac I just wanted to get our room since HH was still suffering with his herniated discs. And here, when we arrived we thought they were all waiting for the Woolie, LOL.

Took this photo of the elevator quilting design!

...and so begins the first slide show from my Quilting Tour of Las Vegas!  I can't say enough about how worth it was to take the tour.  Susan was a wonderful guide and the shops were wonderful...starting with Fiddlesticks. Although I am pretty sure I would have spent less if I had just stayed in a casino and gambled! lol

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