Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Give Away...& Enzo, the Chicken!

For those of you who have joined the Woolie in the last year...you may not know about my infamous cooking ability.  I do, in fact cook...but, have a long history of catastrophe in the kitchen.  Exploding hard boiled eggs, kitchens on fire, casseroles that cook up with a hot pink color, desserts with the sugar left out...oh yeah, I do have a long history in the kitchen.  The thing is none of my mishaps have gotten so much as a whimper out of Enzo.  Until a couple of weeks ago.  The builder had installed per building codes a very sensitive  smoke alarm.  Me, I don't need a sensitive alarm...I need a alarm that goes off only and I mean only if the curtains catch on fire.  Unfortunately, when the alarm went off it had a really high pitched sound which hurt Enzo's ears and on top of that a woman's voice yells Fire, Fire, Fire...oh yeah my smoke alarms yells.

The result is my dog has morphed into a chicken.  Now, anytime I even go in the kitchen area he runs down the hallway and stares at me.

This is the face of a new breed of chicken...jeesh...I was just cooking...

Remember this fabulous wall hanging made my Bonnie Sullivan of All Through The Night that I purchased from her at the Buggy Barn Show...

Well...it means I don't need this pattern anymore!!!  And...it also means one of you may be the winner!  Just leave a comment on this post that you are interested and if you would be so kind to be a registered follower!

Although it is September I did actually finish this UFO, quilted, bound on August 30th!  So now I am caught up on my commitment to finish a UFO every month.  Now the question is what to finish for Sept...hummm.