Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Recap brought to you by WBC (Woolie Broadcast)

What can I say about this photo other than...we or rather HH is lucky this happened when it did.  He was heading home from the desert hauling the camp trailer when he heard an explosion!  On a dirt ranch road 2 miles from the Highway he calls...and here is the rest of the story as written by HH...

" The cowboy way: coming down a narrow a winding mountain road towing a camp trailer to the main highway I hear an explosion like a gun went off and I see light on the dash indicating that a tire went flat. Being on a steep hill I limped ahead until I got to flat spot in the road. I unhooked the trailer and proceeded to work on the flat. Having a torn rotator cuff I did my best. The wheel wouldn’t come off the axel! Tried and tried, wouldn’t come off. Called my wonderful wife who was calling AAA to rush out and help. They said they would be there right away. Most of an hour later, no AAA. A cloud of dust appeared on the road ahead. Two trucks towing a camp trailer and hunting equipment came to a stop. Out of their rigs appeared two weather hardened cowboys. You can tell real cowboys. They are the ones who, no matter what the temperature out they still wear jeans, long sleeve shirts and cowboy hats. The one in the black cowboy hat said AAA ya say? Well we ain’t leaving you here until you are on the road! It is a real good feeling to know there are real cowboys out there helping those in need!!"
This week the Fabric Stalkers and boys are heading out camping to Washington so we can see the Buggy Barn Quilt Show I figure we are dang lucky this to Les Schwab we went for new tires.

I have been prepping and cutting fabric for the Fabric Stalker retreat at the end of September and boy do I ever agree with this sign...
The weekend included a visit and shopping with Ruth a former fellow nurse and this is what she picked up at the Stitchin' Post!  I can't wait to see the quilt when it is done!
...and my wonderful DIL Emily's mom and her girlfriends came into town and I got to shop even more!!!  We had lunch at the Open is good!
Today is the MG's monthly birthday potluck and should prove to be delicious and filled with quilting and conversation.  Just to peek your interest in the Give Away I will be posting this week...I have a wonderful slideshow of the Bonnie Sullivan trunk show that was hanging at Sew Many Quilts!

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