Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Found It...

Anne and I have had a few emails back and forth which include the fact that we haven't found our quilting mojo...where did it go?  Is it the weather, the fun times, summer visitors...what???  Yesterday I found a little bit of it.  HH decided to take the camper and park it up near 3 Creeks so he could hike to his hearts content.  What that meant for me was 24 hours of uninterrupted time.  Once I finished working out with the trainer at the gym...oh my aching a few chapters in my latest read (The Storyteller)...a game of computer solitaire (I lost)...a bike ride to the post office...and completing a pile of paperwork...I had no excuse, but to sew. 

I found these guys lurking around the house and they wouldn't leave me alone!!!
...the BJ's BOM done!!! I am now all ready for Saturday!!!
I also pulled out my Primitive Gathering BOW from 2011!!!  WOW, I already had the blocks all done I just need to start working on the border.  I started by prepping 4 little corner stone blocks.  Yep, a little mojo showed up at my house!
The best part of the day, some paper work arrived that needed a second pair of eyes so HH drove back to town, grilled some steaks and after looking through the work we watched the most spectacular thunder and lightening storm!  Although they are wonderful to watch I am keeping my fingers crossed that the spot fires are all put out!