Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cacacacrazy Time for a Give Away!

I think I said I was going to do a Give Away after the Quilt Show and never got around to here we are...the last day of July, hello August!  It is a wee bit nuts-o around the old sewing room...I went into my pattern stash and made sure I did NOT have this pattern before I ordered the kit...then, a few days later I found the pattern. Oye Vey.  Although in a crazy way, maybe it would take having 2 of the same pattern to get the project done, lol...NOT!  So, I am giving away one of the never been used patterns.  It is a beaut of a wall hanging and if you start now you may get it done by next July 4th.  Just leave me a comment that you are interested and if you would be so kind to be a registered follower of the would make me happy :).  Today is garbage day so lets give it away on next weeks garbage day...kinda like clearing out the clutter, lol.

Here is a peek at the results of the Quilters Affair class that Robin and I took with June Jaeger.  Brim is looking mighty fine...Robin is already quilting.

 Enzo...still doesn't have a head!  I do have his hat done but the photo program was so confused that there was no head that I couldn't get the photo to load upright! LOL...poor Enzo.  His hat is looking mighty fine though.

I am under the wire the next few days...I need to get my BJ's BOM done before Saturday and my sister and her besties are flying in on Friday!!!  Better get busy...on the Weight Watcher side I got a 5 pounds sticker yesterday.  Even though I am not losing by leaps and bounds I still weigh less today that I did at the beginning of summer.  That is something to celebrate!  have a great hump day!