Monday, July 15, 2013

2013 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Teachers Quilts

I am giving you fair are going to want to come to the Quilter's Affair next year and sign up for some classes!!!  I have already decided I am going to take one of Kathy Doughty's classes next time she come over the pond! I am currently signed up to take a workshop in November with Sue Spargo and Tonye Belinda Phillips here in Sisters and I am going to wait patiently for the flyer to come out with next years posting...which won't arrive till December/January!  It was a perfect day starting with breakfast at my house for some old and new was wonderfully pleasant, huge crowds of happy people, great lunch at Bronco Billy's, and I was inspired to come home and start working on my quilts!

My reporting of events will be totally out of order...because, I can.  I have to tell you that I realized the afternoon of quilt show day that this was going to be the closest I would probably ever get to being the Queen of the Parade so I came home got my scooter "Patty" out and rode the entire length of Hood St.  I really wanted to go down Cascade but since it was closed and I couldn't convince the cop that I was supposed to do this...I had to settle for Hood St.  Of course it did look a little odd because I was coming back from the grocery store and my basket had a 6 pack of beer.

As shown in the photo below I DID get my apron project done for my sister and her girlfriends...and they came in handy since I had a support staff for the 1st Annual Quilt Show breakfast for those who chose to stop in and fill up on a great breakfast and conversation before hitting the bricks!

Enjoy this slide show of the Teacher's Tent...a great way to decided what you are interested in exploring for next list grows!

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