Thursday, June 20, 2013

Farewell Napa

Ah, what a wonderful break! Our last day was filled with ups and downs. The ups included a picnic to William Hill Winery where my sister and BIL are wine club members. She packed us a wonderful picnic lunch and the winery had a picnic table set up and waiting for us.

First tasting was a Chardonnay.

The picnic included cheeses, fruit, salad and of course chocolate!

We ended with a family dinner and since it was my nephew's sons birthday this coming weekend and we would be missing the party...we gave him our gift early...I think it was a hit!

...and so you ask what was the down side to the day??? Through a miscalculation which I blame on the fact since retirement I have not been able to keep my days of the weeks straight...I shorted our reservation for our camp trailer by a day...we had to quickly pack up and move out as the next guest in a mega RV was ready to pull in and there was no longer a place at the to say. Which means we are parked with our trailer on a dead end street near my sister's house...not as relaxing as a full camp hook up...but, we are all already for the trip home and the coffee is brewing!

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