Friday, May 3, 2013

Jibber Jabber

I found out that HH is on the cutting edge of cool!  Last nights news had a segment on the return in popularity of the vinyl.  HH must have over a hundred and his player is hooked up to speakers...and you know what, they sound really cool!  We can take a trip down memory lane every day remembering...when he had long hair and rode a motorcycle...oh wait, he still rides a motorcycle, lol.

I got a funny story for ya.  I had this Easter Island statue in my yard and I wanted to move it down to Quiet River...I forgot that he weighed a TON!!!  I was only able to move him to the middle of the driveway, and that was it!  No way I could I get him into my I left him there.  Then when HH and Enzo showed up you would have thought an alien had landed in our driveway...Enzo was circling him growling from a Mr. Easter Island has been in our yard for Enzo's entire life...but move him to the driveway and the dog poop hit the fan, LOL

Yesterday was a day to enjoy...the weather was beautiful and I did run some errands on Patty...but, I really wanted to catch up on my BJ's BOM.  With the move I got behind and tomorrow I had better show up with a completed block!  It felt so good and, I re-bonded with the fabrics I chose :) 

...and, I started cutting out my Glamping quilts for the camper!  I am so excited that HH is letting me have cart blanch at decorating the inside of the camper!  When I finish decorating it I will share a slideshow!

Hope you have an enjoyable fabric day!