Friday, May 24, 2013

International Quilt Market, Day 3 or Oh My Aching Feet!

Well, we have reached the final day of Quilt Market for us.  It was running a 4th day but our schedules and feet couldn't take it any more!  And the itch to start creating in our own little worlds was overwhelming!  I appreciate all the thank you's for the slide shows and hope this latest one will meet your expectations.  As I walked around the convention center for the millionth time (a little exaggeration  I understood how lucky I was to be here and wanted to take just the right photos for all of you!

I was able to stick fairly well to my Weight Watchers program and lost a pound for a total of 13.2 lbs.  I am a subscriber to the ActiveLink program and where a activity monitor...I was sure I would be accumulating 10 activity points or more because my feel were killing me!  Let me tell you how shocking it was when I got home and found out that I only earned 2 pts. a day!!!  I guess all that walking 3 feet...stopping to gawk...just doesn't get your heart rate up.  Obviously the ActiveLink does not calculate pain=points concept that I believe in, lol.  

I will be back on Monday with my latest completed UFO!!! and will be posting it to the UFO Flicker site.  I hope you all take the time to check out what some of the Woolie readers are getting done!

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